fonexFonex Fruity Body Butter moisturizing cream collection provides a special care for the skin thanks to its rich formula involving Shea Oil and Natural Fruit Essences.

Kiwi, which is a Vitamin C depot and is claiming antioxidant specification, makes your weary hands soft and restores your skin giving its healthy and lively looks back. Thanks to Fruity Body Butter, your hands’ grace and shine get everyone jealous and beautiful smell of the fruit essences provides freshness feeling whole day long. Moisturizing cream collection is ideal for all types of skin and it can be used for all body. It keeps the skin moisturized for the whole day long, it softens and nurtures the skin. Giving you the happiness of claiming well-kept, health, shiny and lively skin Fonex Fruity Body Butter is offered for customers in 75 ml packages.

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