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Alternative Botox Applications

 Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Y. İlker Manavbaşı tells that it is possible to stop migraine headaches and perspiration problems with the help of alternative Botox applications.

ilkerBotox is known to be a very safe medicine and has been used in treatment of many diseases. Famous for its myorelaxant effect Botox is very helpful in treatment of migraine and tension type headaches. Botox is suggested especially for patients who have been suffering from headaches for a very long time, cannot be cured by different types of treatments and cannot tolerate the side effects of the drugs which they use. Botox is as well used to reduce perspiration problems in special regions such as hands, feet and armpits. Especially men look to Botox as a solution when they experience perspiration tension and as a result sweat more.

Applied for Chronic Migraine Attacks Too

Denoting that most of the migraine pains are caused by the tension of the muscles in the head region Dr. Manavbaşı said: “Apart from its negative effects during attack; it has chronic effects such as reduction in school or work performance and social problems. When the muscles, which cause

pain attacks, are relaxed, the factor, which causes migraine pain, is eliminated. Botox, which is a new hope for the migraine pains which have become chronic, is coming to the fore as the most effective and updated treatment. The result of the clinic trials suggests that, Botox needles, when used for people with migraine complaints, may become a usual therapy.”

Stops Migraine Pain

Underlining that the painkillers used for migraine treatment have no curative effect Dr. Manavbaşı explained: “The biggest advantage of Botox, when compared to these medicines, is that it does not cease the pain temporarily but it stops the pain. 80-90 per cent of the migraine patients find cure from Botox treatment. Botox’ effect in migraine treatment lasts for around 1 year. 7-10 days after the Botox application its effects start being observed and a 1 year painless period starts. When the effect of Botox starts to reduce at the end of first year, a new application is needed.”

Say Goodbye to Perspiration Problem in 30 minutes

Expressing that hyperhidrosis, in other words excessive sweating problem, is a disease, which occurs when sweat glands work excessively and evaluated under social phobia causing various psychological problems Dr. Manavbaşı explained as follows: “Sweating is a must for body health however, it is a problem that should always be fought in social terms. It is possible to get rid of this problem with an operation lasting for 30 minutes. Prior to Botox operation, starch iodine test is performed to the region where the patient complains. According to the test result, the regions causing excessive sweating are indicated. In the Botox application made against sweating, the applications made for armpits are rather easier and less painful compared to hands and soles. Because hand and sole application maybe painful, short time local anesthesia may be needed. Thanks to this application sweating in the region in question is reduced temporarily, whether completely or in serious ratios. One day after the medicine is applied it shows its effect and sweating ends in one week. Botox application is a temporary application and for this reason it needs to be repeated every 8 or 10 months. There is no reason why Botox cannot be applied in any time of the year, like it can be applied during summer season.”

Proper for Every Age Group

Dr. Manavbaşı concluded: “In this operation which can be applied to people suffering from hyperhidrosis between 18-65 age the person can return to everyday life immediately. However pregnant women, nursing mothers, patients having dermatologic infections, patients having neurologic diseases causing muscle weakness, patients taking aminoglycoside kind of antibiotics, should not have Botox applications. According to the research conducted by experts, Botox application is undesirable for these people.”

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